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Quality Control

Quality Control

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We start with the best and win with the quality. By implementing total quality management (TQM), we combine quality strategy with planning to make each subsystem of the entire enterprise work harmoniously around the TQM, so as to obtain best on the overall effect for all. By this combination, they are complemented each other perfectly and brought out the best.

  • Innovation management

    Based on years of production experience and management methods, Gerpman adheres to dynamic management, comprehensive management, and continuous innovation. In the production process, the key points of production quality control at each stage are clarified.

  • Immediate execution

    The execution of instant response stems from the quality of the team. Gerpman selects talented people with strong sense of responsibility, good organization and excellent technology to form a high-quality talent management team. Through the establishment of a systematic quality management system and post responsibility system, the responsibility is implemented to everyone and the measures are implemented everywhere.

  • improve quality

    Fine packaging and quality services are not only the needs of the market, but also the mission of the times. With quality and heart, Gerpman integrates the ingenuity into every production process and every detail to achieve the wonderful life of customers with the exquisite products and services that can stand the test of time.

  • Win by quality

    In the implementation of systematic quality management, Gerpman adopts a combination of quality strategy and planning, so that the subsystems of the whole enterprise can work in a coordinated manner around the systematic quality management system, so as to obtain a global overall superior effect. The people complement each other and complement each other.